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Aura Graphics

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7/30/05 03:05 am - ms_conduct - Lots 'o stuff

Sooo many icons made since my last post, its gonna be a little ridiculous to post them all. Ah well...

I digress...Collapse )

7/7/05 06:12 pm - ms_conduct

Yay! Someone other than myself has actually stumbled across my little icon journal. So...I will be making a decent layout very soon to make it look a little more respectable. I mean, who's going to want to look further when the layout is so plain! For now, here are some icons I've made recently, icluding 4 that have won contests!

And now, back to the studio!Collapse )

5/24/05 03:55 pm - ms_conduct

Yep. I'm a tard, I have yet to make a layout for this stupid journal. But the content is what really counts, right? I have 12 icons today!

what are they, I wonder...Collapse )

5/10/05 03:22 pm - ms_conduct - Yeah yeah

I've not really gotten around to making the layout properly. This will do better than the last, if only a little boring. I've got 3 buffy icons today. All from either end of season 6 or begining of season 7.

With more on the wayCollapse )

5/6/05 01:08 pm - ms_conduct - I promise I'll fix the layout soon!!

So, I've been learning new stuff, techniques etc. I feel very accomplished. But since I have to go to work soon, I only got 3 icons done. This time, they are from the Harry Potter fandom.

AlohamoraCollapse )

I will most definately be making more soon.

5/3/05 04:57 am - ms_conduct - finally testing this out

I'm going to give this a good testing, and post a couple of icons I just made tonight. These are from the buffyverse.

Take a peek...Collapse )

I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made in the last couple of months...
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